Fics En Ingles

1. Summer Lovin' Revisited by wekfnwekonf
'"So Granger, bet I'm never going to hear some of your chat up lines." Draco said slyly.' Sequel to Summer Lovin', can be read on its own : Personally, I don't believe that this is suitable for young readers

2. You belong to me » by Ozbridge 
Translated Fanfic. Draco and Hermione.

3. Challenge: Last Friday Night? by SonnyPotterPokemon101 
Hermione, Draco, Harry, and OC are confused when they wake up on Saturday morning with hangovers. Now they have to retrace their steps to find out what happened last Friday night. Dramione Challenge! Try It!

4. The love to Last a Lifetime by AussieGleekFreak91
Will Draco Live to tell the tale of his romance? Muggle-loving!Draco

5. The Truth and nothing but the truth by AussieGleekFreak91 
Valentine's Day ball for seventh and eighth years. "He couldn't help himself; he just needed to tell her."

6. Murder, My Heart by somandalicious 
They are dancing in limbo. The ground is uneven, and Draco Malfoy doesn't like not knowing where he stands in the world. Unsurity was never in his grace. DMHG. EWE

7. Never » by Darklight25833 
"You will be a wonderful father to her Draco...You will never be like your father"Said Hermione Draco/Hermione Oneshot

8. Promoting House Unity » by BeautifullyEmpty 
Harry always felt it a shame that the House's weren't friendly enough so now he is doing something about it however Hermione and Draco are not happy with his way of doing it. HG/DM, LL/NL, GW/BZ, RW/PP. Rated M for future smut and language.

9. Dragon Hide » by JDPhoenix 
True Love Tattoos. A Weasley Wizard Wheezes Product. True Love Tattoos reach deep into your subconscious mind, marking your skin for up to two weeks with a symbolic representation of your soul mate.

10. You Belong With Me, Draco Malfoy » by CherriLuvsMusic 
Hermione and Draco have been best friends since they were little. Hermione loves Draco, but he doesn't see it. Will she ever tell him? Read and Review! Not based on Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" music video!

11. I'm Back: Platform Nine and Three Quarters » by Dramionaise
I've re-written the original, the reunion will be re-written as well and finished: Hermione returns from an extended stay in the muggle world with 3 children.

12. Glitter by AussieGleekFreak91 
Who ever knew that such a festive decoration could bring two people together?

13. Page Six by cathyhb 
Is the daily prophet the best vehicle in professing your love for someone?

14. Jade by BadJuJuBoo 
Drunk Draco, silk clad Hermione and pretty ankles.

15. Rain by ItalianBookworm
Hermione loses faith in herself and Draco is there to show her that she's wrong and rain helps...